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Cactus Car Wash About Us Page

Cactus Car Wash has been serving the community with quality car wash services for the past 10 years. We rely on the latest technology and advanced car wash equipment to provide you with highest quality car washing experience. You can also rest assured that fresh water is used on each and every vehicle to ensure it’s as clean as possible. Come to Cactus Car Wash where you can count on car wash services that are always convenient, effective and affordable.


  • Think Fast - your vehicle will sparkle in less than 5 minutes.
  • Customize your service - choices from a basic wash to a deluxe wash that includes hot spray wax and tire shine
  • Vacuum your interior for free or add-on our car interior detailing team service.


  • New Hybrid car wash equipment combines friction wash technology with touchless washing to safely clean your vehicle's exterior.
  • Soft foam wash gives your vehicle a clean, shiny finish without the danger of debris in brushes scratching your paint.
  • Our fully automated, extra-long 145- foot car wash tunnel system provides your car with the perfect soaking and wash time while you sit in your car and relax.
  • The tire cleaning pendulum unit ensures full coverage of all wheel heights.


  • Low car wash prices starting at just $7.
  • The Flame Wash is our most popular service at just $10.
  • Get weather protection and clean tires for just $3 more with our $13 wash.
  • FREE self-serve vacuums for all customers.


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